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Latest Testimonial:

My partner and I bought this book from the Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne and find that it has been helpful in keeping us informed. It has also facilitated bonding time between us (mum, dad, bubs) every week as we measure the baby's growth and chart my own weight. It's my first pregancy and was getting tired of being bombarded with advice and wives-tales with no background explanation. This book has helped us gain a lot of confidence and peace-of-mind during this amazing experience. We reference it every week!
- Charity, Melbourne VIC

The Australian Pregnant Book is wonderful... at least I think it is wonderful but I haven't had a chance to read it as my husband hasn't put it down since opening it!!
- Sarah, Queen's Park, Sydney NSW

A thorough and informative read, particularly for first time parents like us.
- David & Gabrielle, Malvern, Melbourne VIC

The Australian Pregnant Book is a fantastic resource and as a Registered Nurse and Doula I am sure it will get plenty of use. I am also 31 weeks pregnant with my fourth baby. Looking forward to it.
- Leah, Gisborne VIC

It's so fantastic having a pregnancy book full of pictures, graphs and even ultrasound images. It really helps bring it to life and explains the concepts more fully.
- Adrienne & Pat, Bilgola Plateau, Sydney NSW

I love having an Australian resource that doesn't refer to UK or US stats all the time.
- Mandy, Bundoora, Melbourne VIC

The Australian Pregnant Book doesn't shy away from fully explaining the good as well as the bad so that you can really understand what is going on without having someone sugarcoat the truth.
- Jane & Darryn, Darwin NT

At last a book that has been able to answer all my questions - and in a way that I actually
- Belinda, Coffs Harbour, NSW

It is beautifully written in an informal style that speaks directly to the reader and the illustrations are simply gorgeous.
- Sue Phillip, Senior Medical Officer, Broome Health Service

What a lovely surprise today, your wonderful present arrived. Well, I think it's wonderful but I can't get to it because John hasn't put it down since opening it! I haven't yet come across a book that I like. I've inherited three or four but don't like any of them much, either too dopey or old-fashioned etc. This one looks so slick and comprehensive, I am really looking forward to reading it.
- Sarah Byrnes

We spent the morning reading all about what we didn't know when we had four children. Then our daughter-in-law called by - she hopes to have another baby soon and would like a vaginal delivery - if possible. So she took over the book and was so engrossed in it she took it home with her. She said, "This book is fabulous. I need to read it all." Praise indeed!
- Wenda


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