The Australian Pregnant Book

  • Medical facts to maximise your chances of having a successful pregnancy
  • This book is DIFFERENT. It has high quality diagrams to illustrate the text. These are "beautifully conceived and highly graphic" - See Reviews.

Consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist, Dr Derrick Thompson, who has delivered more than 6,000 babies in both urban and rural hospitals in Australia, answers questions about pre-pregnancy and birth in his new book, The Australian Pregnant Book..

Among a host of pregnancy books available in the market, this, the first book on pregnancy written by an Australian obstetrician in over 30 years, is a must have guide to preparing for pregnancy, labour, birth and the postnatal period. It provides prospective mothers with a better understanding of their body and pregnancy to maximize their chance of a successful outcome.

'My aim is to empower women and their partners with the knowledge of the pregnancy and birthing process so that they can be far more at ease,' says Dr Thompson. 'It will help mothers-to-be to assess the progress of their pregnancy and the well being of their baby with information that is not readily available elsewhere.'

With 320 pages of clear, easy to understand information and over 100 original medical illustrations, The Australian Pregnant Book includes comprehensive informed medical information on:

  • How to prepare for pregnancy
  • How to determine your expected due date
  • How to know if your baby is normal
  • How to keep your weight under control
  • How to know if your baby is growing normally
  • How to know if you are in labour.

The book also provides reassuring guidelines that you will not miscarry, breast feeding advice, and a self assessment test for post natal depression.

Every book has a birth date calculator and fetal growth chart.

Answers to more than 50 frequently asked questions relating to all stages of pregnancy such as dyeing hair, medications, sex during pregnancy, reducing anxiety, caesarean section, circumcision for baby boys are all included.

There are many useful tips on being birth fit, keeping your weight under control, travelling when pregnant and so on. With a comprehensive index for quick reference, this is the book you must own if you are contemplating having a baby.

The high quality diagrams make this book very DIFFERENT.

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